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We welcome applications from accountants with a major interest in the voluntary sector who work in small practices.

Annual Training Event March 09, 2011

Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester

Charity Commission update

  • how the Charity Commission is consulting over its future

  • CIOs and the adoption of public benefit reporting

  • recent projects being worked on: pensions, sustainability, electronic filing and a future SORP

Janet Slade is Senior Accountant (Accountancy Policy) at the Charity Commission, where she is involved with a number of policy and technical developments.  She frequently speaks publicly on charity regulation and policy.  She was a charity practitioner for many years, and a former chair of the CPF.

Industrial & Provident Societies update

  • Impact of the Charity Act 2006 on IPS exempt charities

  • Rules on audit thresholds

  • Community shares agenda and potential changes to withdrawable share capital

  • Status of the latest proposed changes in legislation: Legislation Reform Order Co-operative, Community Benefit and Credit Unions 2010 Act Electronic Communications

Helen Barber is the Secretary and Head of Legal Services, Co-operatives UK.  She has worked in the social enterprise sector for 28 years, the last 22 of those within the co-operative movement. She has had a variety of roles within that time but principally in relation to legal advice and governance support to co-operatives and other enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

Is it clear?

  • A light-hearted tour through the minefield of Clarified ISAs and how they relate to charity audits

  • A look at some practical case studies

Graham Bale was audit and technical partner in a national firm before joining the (then) JMU.  He is now part of the coaching team in ICAEW Member Services, helping practitioners to achieve cost-effective ISA- compliant audits.

The Big Society - positive thinking or wishful thinking?

A Debate on the prospects for smaller charities

In an era of dramatic cuts in public expenditure, the concept of the Big Society and its implications for charities are being hotly debated - listen to the arguments, make your points, and vote on the motion.

Chair - Julian Dobson, writer, editor and facilitator

Speaker for the motion - Alan Lewis, Chief Executive of Liverpool

Speaker against the motion - Professor John Diamond, Centre for
Local Policy Studies, Edge Hill University Liverpool

A hands-on workshop looking into the murky affairs of RUST, a social enterprise making an eco-widget (the Really Useful Sustainable Thingy). Is it a goer? Working in groups, we will look at going concern risks, draft any disclosures, and consider the audit opinion. And then deal with the fall-out from the client.

Presented by CPF members Mike Jellicoe and Jim Gore-Langton.

Price & Booking Information

CPF Members £55 per delegate

Others £70 per delegate